Switch Meeting Language

SeaMeet currently supports three modes: Traditional Chinese, English, and automatic language detection. You can switch the meeting record language at any time before or during the meeting.

Switch Default Transcription Language

  1. Go to the Account -> Preference page.
  2. Set the default meeting recording language for your account for future invitations to the copilot.
  3. When starting a “Scheduled Meeting” recording, you will see that the default recording language has changed.
Default SeaMeet Meeting Recording Language

View Default Language in SeaMeet Meeting

Switch Individual Meeting Recording Language

  1. Enter the individual meeting page and click Current Meeting Language.
  2. Choose another expected meeting recording language from the menu.
  3. After selecting, the recording will proceed with the new model.
Switch Individual SeaMeet Meeting Recording Language

Switch Meeting Recording Language on SeaMeet Widget

  1. Start recording a meeting with the SeaMeet Copilot.
  2. Change the recording language by clicking on the dropdown menu.
  3. Choose the language you need.
Switch Individual SeaMeet Meeting Recording Language