SeaMeet Release History


New Features and Performance Optimization
  • Adjust the number of concurrent meetings supported by SeaMeet, update database frequency and sync speed, and implement error handling for re-join entries.
  • Audio Download for Paid Users - Paid users can download audio files for meetings held after June 1st.
  • Help Desk - SeaMeet users can chat with the support anytime for assistance.
  • Contact Support - Users can book support sessions via Hubspot for help.


New Features
  • Extension Enhancement: Change meeting language within Google Meet extension during meetings.
  • Invoice Downloads: Download subscription plan receipts on the billing page.
  • Error Status Messaging: Added error status messaging to extensions for better understanding of current bot error status.
  • Addressed issue with bots automatically exiting meetings.


New Features
  • Automatic Meeting Recording Reservation: After linking with Google Calendar, you can automatically reserve and record meetings from your calendar.
  • Delete Scheduled Meetings: Admin or Owner can delete scheduled meetings, including those added through “Automatic Meeting Recording Reservation.”
  • Workspace List: Modified the wording and presentation.
  • Fixed the issue with automatic sharing of meeting recordings. Now, you can choose whether to automatically share meeting recordings with attendees from your calendar after the meeting ends.
  • Fixed the issue where adjustments made to Google Calendar meetings were not immediately reflected in the SeaMeet meeting list.
  • Corrected the issue with Google Calendar meeting recordings, where inviting via an extension resulted in a second copilot being added to the meeting.


  • Update the signup page: enhance signup experience
  • New Meeting Notification: Added a close button without forcing a refresh.


New Features
  • Onboarding optimization: Enhanced onboarding experience for workspace creation and initial meeting guidance.
  • Unregistered user notifications: Notifying users when they have used an unregistered account to send meeting invitations to the copilot.
  • Plan description translation: Added translation to Plan Description.
  • Resolved onboarding issue during workspace creation.


New Features
  • User status: Support adjusting team members status to active & inactive for better member list management.
  • New STT model: The new STT model is now available, offering improved accuracy.
  • Fixed error when joining a workspace.


New Features
  • Support for Google education account invitations: if you are using a Google Education account, please invite to your calendar invite to use SeaMeet
  • Reduced workspace creation time
  • Plan change notification
  • Notification for plan upgrade options on browser extension
  • SeaMeet Copilot can directly join if is invited as an attendee on Google Calendar
  • Improve app latency caused by payment plan restriction
  • Paid plan banner will only appear in the free plan


New Feature
  • Released paid plan features


New Feature
  • Login: A brand new Sign-In option! In addition to using your Google account, you can now log in directly to SeaMeet using your email address with simple verification.


New Feature
  • More browser support: SeaMeet Extension is compatible with not only Chrome, but also Edge, Arc, and Brave browsers. This means you can have productive meetings (almost) anywhere now!