Set Up SeaMeet Workspace

A workspace is where you manage all meetings, team members, and plans. You can create a shared workspace for your company, department, or team, allowing invited users to jointly manage all meeting records stored in this workspace.

SeaMeet Workspace Management

Manage Meetings

Meeting records will be stored in the designated workspace. You can manage future, ongoing, or completed meetings in the workspace.

Manage SeaMeet Meetings

Team Collaboration

You can invite team members to join the workspace on the “Workspace Settings - Users” page to collaboratively view and edit meeting records. You can also set different permissions to better manage the workspace.

Once you send the invitation, the invited users can register and log in using the link in the invitation email and join the invited workspace.

  1. User permissions are divided into “Admin” and “Member”.
  2. Admin
    • Can view all meetings in the workspace.
    • Can delete meetings.
    • Can invite users to the workspace and grant any permissions.
    • Can remove users.
  3. Member
    • Default can view all meetings in the workspace but can be adjusted to view personal meetings only.
    • Cannot delete meetings.
    • Can invite users to the workspace but can only invite as “Member”.
    • Cannot remove users.
Manage SeaMeet Members


If you need more transcription hours or advanced features, feel free to upgrade your workspace plan or contact our customer service <email:>. We will be happy to assist you.

Create a New Workspace

If you want to create multiple workspaces for different units, click the “Workspace List” at the top right of the screen.

Go to SeaMeet Workspace

Then click “Create” in the “Workspace List” to start creating a new workspace.

Create New SeaMeet Workspace

Delete Meetings

Currently, only users with “Admin” permissions can delete meetings. Click the “…” next to the meeting title to delete the meeting.

Delete SeaMeet Meeting

Click “Delete” to confirm the deletion of the meeting.

Confirm Delete SeaMeet Meeting

Default Meeting Language and Storage Workspace

Click “Personal Settings - Meeting Settings” to set your personal default meeting language and default workspace.

SeaMeet Default Meeting Language and Storage Workspace
  1. Default Language

    This is the default language used when you schedule “future meetings” in Google Calendar.

    You can still adjust the meeting recording language in individual meetings.

  2. Default Workspace

    This is the default workspace where the “future meetings” scheduled in Google Calendar will be stored.

Adjust SeaMeet Interface Language

To adjust the interface display language, go to “Personal Settings - Appearance” and change the interface language.

SeaMeet Adjust Interface Language