Bulk SMS


The Bulk Messaging Platform puts all the tools you need for SMS and MMS marketing together in one convenient platform. On the Bulk Messaging Platform, you can:


  • Send bulk SMS and MMS messages
  • Send now or schedule messages up to 7 days in advance
  • Automatically filter ‘Do Not Contact’ customers out of send lists
  • View delivery reports on bulk messaging waves
  • Send messages from multiple phone numbers


  • Capture auto opt-in and opt-out responses from customers
  • Receive customer replies to bulk messaging
  • Text back and continue conversations with customers

Contact Management

  • Import and export contact lists
  • Assign multiple labels to each contact
  • Group contacts by label

For an overview of the Bulk Messaging Platform, see the video below:

πŸ‘₯ Contacts & Customer Segments

SeaX Messaging offers several features for efficiently managing and engaging with a customer base. The contacts functionality allows users to upload customer phone numbers manually or import them from a CSV file, saving time and reducing errors. The platform also provides labeling capabilities to segment contacts based on criteria like demographics or purchase history, enabling targeted messaging. Additionally, users have the flexibility to export their contacts for backup or further analysis purposes.

πŸ“² Bulk Messaging & Scheduled Send

SeaX Messaging offers powerful bulk messaging functionality. Users can easily manage and organize customer information, import contacts from a CSV file, and select specific customer groups or all contacts for messaging campaigns. The platform allows users to choose the sending number, compose personalized messages with customer information fields and attachments, and review/schedule messages for sending. Additionally, users can monitor campaign progress, export campaign reports, and manage customer responses and conversations.

πŸ’¬ Conversations & 2-Way Texting

The SeaX Messaging platform offers a powerful Conversations feature that simplifies managing customer responses and engaging in real-time conversations. With neatly organized conversation threads, you can easily track individual exchanges and respond promptly. The platform also allows you to apply labels for categorization, filter conversations based on various criteria, and initiate personalized conversations effortlessly. Streamline your customer interactions and build strong relationships with SeaX Messaging.

πŸ€– Keywords & Auto-Replies

SeaX Messaging’s Keywords and Auto-Reply feature enables users to create custom responses based on specific keywords used by customers. This automation helps provide timely and relevant information while enhancing communication strategies. Users can set up default replies for messages without specific keywords and for users who want to opt-out, ensuring compliance and respectful communication. The feature also allows for the creation of custom keywords, auto-replies, and auto labels, facilitating efficient contact organization and segmentation.

🏒 Agency/Franchise Mode

For clients with multiple businesses or multiple locations, SeaX Messaging offers workspaces. Workspaces are separate instances within the SeaX platform, allowing for data separation and management of multiple businesses or locations. Users can assign phone numbers to specific business locations, streamlining communication, enhancing customer experience, and enabling detailed analysis. The platform also provides user permissions, allowing for efficient access management and collaboration across the organization.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» API Access

SeaX Messaging API allows users to integrate and automate messaging workflows, providing the flexibility to manage campaigns programmatically. By utilizing the API, users can incorporate messaging capabilities into their own applications or systems, streamlining operations, automating processes, and efficiently scaling messaging efforts. The API documentation offers detailed information and guidance for seamless integration, and users can obtain their API key from the “Settings” tab to securely access the API functionalities.