Why SeaVoice STT & TTS?

🎯 Cutting-edge Accuracy

Speech technology is our specialty. We create our own models in-house using state of the art deep learning neural network algorithms.

⏱️ Real-time Transcription & Synthesis

Real-time speed is essential when you’re dealing with live conversation. We guarantee you’ll never fall behind in a conversation because of slow transcription speeds.

πŸ“‚ Downloadable Transcription & Audio Files

Not only can you watch your transcriptions in real-time, but you can download them and save them for future use! Your voice-based conversations just became permanent, searchable, and shareable. Because all our transcriptions come with timestamps, you can even use them as subtitles.

⭐ Add SeaVoice Discord Bot to Your Server

Adding the SeaVoice bot to your server is easy! Simply click the invite link, verify your credentials with Discord, and then choose which server to add the bot to.