Feature Highlights

SeaX Features

The SeaX Virtual Agent can handle a wide range of basic questions about your business, addressing topics such as:

  • location
  • hours
  • contact information
  • amenities
  • menu

For more complex questions that the agent cannot answer, the SeaX interface allows customers to request a live agent, or a human customer service representative available within the SeaX Collaborative Contact Center.

Live Agent Handoff

Here we demonstrate the SeaX Virtual Agent’s live handoff capabilities:

Omni-channel Messaging

SeaX customer service agents can handle incoming requests from all of your business’s platforms at once. Here is a video introduction to the omni-channel messaging experience:


SeaX is available on numerous platforms, including Facebook, SMS, Google Maps, WhatsApp, and Line.

Google Business Messages

Google Maps integration allows access to many more features, including the ability to automatically gather information about your business’s amenities from its Google Maps listing.

For an overview of additional Google Maps features, please see this video below:

WhatsApp Messaging

Finally, here we show the WhatsApp integration:


HubSpot Integration

Here we see automated inbound and outbound appointment scheduling in SeaX, integrated with the HubSpot CRM:

Discord Integration

Here we provide automated customer support and case tracking in Discord, using SeaX and the HubSpot CRM: