SeaX Enterprise Omni-channel Contact Center Features

Basic Features

The SeaX Collaborative Contact Center puts all of your call center’s tools right at your agents' fingertips in one easy interface, while automating repetitive tasks to allow your agents to focus on the ones that really need their attention.

Omni-channel Messaging

Agents on SeaX can handle incoming requests from all of your business’s platforms at once in the same interface.

SeaX can handle messages from numerous platforms, including Facebook, SMS, Google Maps, WhatsApp, and Line.

Google Business Messages

Google Maps integration allows access to many more features, including the ability to automatically gather information about your business’s amenities from its Google Maps listing.

For an overview of additional Google Maps features, please see this video below:

WhatsApp Messaging

Finally, here we show the WhatsApp integration:

Warm and Cold Transfer

SeaX has built-in features that allow agents to transfer calls and message internally to other agents.

Supervisor Monitor and Barge-in

Administrators on SeaX can also monitor and join in on calls for training and supervising purposes.

Holidays and Offline Messages

SeaX is customizable to the needs of your contact center, including setting operation hours and automatic offline messages for each of your contact center phone numbers.


SeaX records customer voicemails and assigns them to agents, ensuring quick callbacks from agents. Administrators can also recieve notification when new voicemails come in.

Advanced Features

The SeaX Collaborative Contact Center also has a number of advanced features that you can add to power up your contact center.

SeaX Virtual Agent

The SeaX Virtual Agent is a chat and voice agent that can handle a wide range of basic questions about your business, addressing topics such as:

  • location
  • hours
  • contact information
  • amenities
  • menu

For more complex questions that the agent cannot answer, the SeaX interface allows customers to request a live agent, or a human customer service representative available within the SeaX Collaborative Contact Center.

AI Knowledge Base

The AI Knowledge Base automatically searches your knowledge base about your business to give your agents the information they need in real time while talking to your customers.

For more information about our AI Knowledge Base, please see our blog post and our webinar on the subject.

AI-Powered Agent Coach

The SeaX Agent Coach provides agents with conversation objectives to meet while on their calls and checks them off in real time to help them keep track.

Case Management Demo

The SeaX Case Management system allows you to store all your customer information and track open cases directly in the SeaX interface.

For more information about our Case Management System, please see our blog post and our webinar on the subject.

Auto Dialer

SeaX has two avaiable auto dialers: the Message Drop Dialer and the Progressive Dialer.

Message Drop Dialer

The Message Drop Dialer allows you to quickly deliver messages to your customers over the phone by automatically dialing and playing a message when the call is picked up.

Progressive Dialer

The Progressive Dialer helps your agents make outbound calls by automatically dialing and leaving voicemails, only passing the call through to the agent when a person picks up the phone.

SeaMeet Copilot

View statistics and analytics on your calls and meetings through the SeaMeet Dashboard. Contact centers can also review agent performance with customizable AI-powered performance metrics.


HubSpot Integration

Here we see the HubSpot CRM integrated into SeaX, including automatic call information syncing back to HubSpot:

Here we see automated inbound and outbound appointment scheduling in SeaX, integrated with the HubSpot CRM:

Discord Integration

Here we provide automated customer support and case tracking in Discord, using SeaX and the HubSpot CRM:

Salesforce Integration

Besides the usual “click-to-dial” Salesforce integration, SeaX can do the following extra automation:

  • Auto create Salesforce cases

  • Call recording and call logs

  • Auto CSAT survey

  • CSAT survey report