SeaChat Release History


New Features and Improvements
  • Interface Adjustment: Added design styles to AI Agent information, allowing you to better design the dialogue interface.
  • New WordPress Integration: You can now deploy your AI Agent on WordPress.
  • New MailerLite Integration: You can now sync contact information to MailerLite integration.
  • New Integration Pages and Channel Design: Offers new integration options and improved channel designs.
  • Fixed Several Knowledge Base Errors: Including issues with deleting knowledge bases and document error messages.


New Features and Improvements
  • Knowledge Base Files: Now you can directly overwrite files with duplicate names, making it easier to update documents.
  • New Refresh Button for Chat Window: You can click the button to refresh the chat window when WebSocket is disconnected.
  • Bug Fixes in Workspace Creation: Errors encountered during workspace creation have been resolved.


New Features and Performance Improvements
  • Database Update: Improved file naming in the database for better visibility of documents.
  • Automatic Overwrite: When uploading files with duplicate names, you have the option to overwrite the existing files for updates.
  • Optimized Database Switching: Enhanced the fluidity of switching databases.
  • Customer Service Access: We have added a customer service portal on the left side of our service interface. If you have any questions, you can contact us anytime. Providing the best experience is our greatest motivation.
  • Email Template Modification: For SeaChat emails, we’ve modified the email templates to simplify how you view your emails.


New Features
  • Added mail language settings to make email notifications more readable (now you can receive chat email notifications from
  • Introduced RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) with new query modes, retrieval methods, and retrieval counts to enhance data retrieval and AI assistant response accuracy.
  • Added automatic clearing of Memory information when a user clears a conversation.
New Features
  • Fixed issues with uploading CSV and Excel files, addressing upload failures and blank screen problems.
  • Repaired missing Knowledge Base data and related answers.
  • Fixed issues with reply messages containing broken links.
  • Corrected strings and updated the use-case library.


New Features
  • Upload Table Optimization: On the upload table page, users can now choose whether to upload each row in a table file as an individual Knowledge Base document or as a single file.
  • Added Wix Channel: You can now deploy your Agent on Wix.
  • Database Enhancement: Restructured Knowledge Base data for optimized data retrieval and interpretation.
  • Interface Optimization for Shopify and Squarespace Channels: Enhanced user interface for more streamlined operations for these integrations.
  • Automatically fill out bot description for the Survey use case.
  • Fixed Live Agent Transfer Behavior in the Survey use case.


New Features
  • Added Use Case Library Page: Makes it easier for you to create AI Agents efficiently.
  • Access to customer email information: You can now quickly copy customer emails directly from the conversation history list.
  • Updated WhatsApp/Messenger Setup Token Process: Improve the channel binding experience.
  • Introduced “Memory”: Records key information from historical conversations. Paired with the Survey Use Case, it helps you research user needs and characteristics through dialogue.


New Features
  • Added remove button for WhatsApp and Meta Facebook Messenger channels, allowing users to unlink accounts easily.
  • Display the end user’s email upon completing the form, enhancing user tracking and engagement.
  • Fixed an error in the process of creating agents, streamlining agent creation.
  • Resolved bugs related to editing agents, ensuring smoother modifications and updates.


New Features
  • New portal for creating agents, simplifying the bot creation process.
  • Improved WhatsApp responses to reduce cases of incorrect or garbled replies.
  • Enhanced AI Agent responsiveness, addressing issues of stalling or failure to respond.


New Features
  • New Social Media Channels Supported: Added Meta Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp channels, expanding communication platforms for Agents.
  • New Website Integration Support: You can use SeaChat on Shopify and Squarespace.
  • New Use Cases: Introduced 5 new use cases, making Agent creation more convenient and focused.
  • Login Process Optimization: Simplified registration with Google accounts.
  • Support for LINE stickers, enhancing the response experience for customers.
  • Added /live_agent transfer feature in WhatsApp and Meta Facebook Messenger.
  • Fixed incorrect Live agent status display.
  • Corrected the issue where Live Agent sends incorrect messages.


New Features

Language Model Optimization:

  • Upgraded SeaChat Agent model
  • Enhanced appointment scheduling prompt improvements.
  • Fixed random language summaries.


New Features
  • Knowledge Base: Now supports Video, Audio, and Spreadsheet files, enabling more comprehensive content sharing and collaboration.
  • Extended support for longer video and audio files, with a maximum duration of 15 minutes.
  • Fixed bug in uploading spreadsheets.
  • In members setting, payment no longer prompts when adjusting AI Agent assignments.


New Features
  • KnowledgeBase - Spreadsheet Upload: Now you can upload spreadsheets directly to the knowledge base
  • KnowledgeBase - Video and Audio Uploads: Enhance your knowledge base with multimedia by uploading video and audio clips.
  • You can now download invoice from billing history


New Features
  • Email notifications for live agent requests and new conversations
  • Users can switch between AI Agent and live human agent
  • Reduce new workspace creation time significantly


New Feature
  • Preferred Response Language: Now you can set the default response language in the “Agent Information” menu. SeaChat will ensure the quality of your assistant’s responses
Set up a separate text channel just for live transcriptions from SeaVoice STT.
  • Webchat Widget Preview: fix color mismatch bug in webchat widget preview