This page details the process for embedding the SeaChat AI agent into your Wordpress website.

Step 1: Create a SeaChat account

If you do not have a SeaChat account, you can sign up for free at SeaChat website! Then you can build your AI agent and bring it to your Wix websites.

Step 2: Open Wordpress and “Appearance”

Go to your Wordpress dashboard for the website of interest. Click on Appearance on the left-hand side menu.

Go to your Wordpress dashboard and click on Appearance from left menu.

Step 3: Copy SeaChat Code

You will have to be logged in on SeaChat to view this code snippet. Access the required code snippet by navigating to Agent Configuration -> Channels within your workspace at the SeaChat dashboard, specifically under the Wordpress channel. Copy the code snippet.

Step 4: Open “Theme File Editor” and Add SeaChat Code Snippet

Select “Theme File Editor” on the left-hand side menu -> “Theme Footer” on the right-hand side menu. Then, paste the SeaChat code snippet in between <body> and </body>. Finally, click on Update File to save your change.

Select Theme File Editor to install SeaChat widget.

Step 5: Save and preview

Review your website now! If you go to your website now, you can see the SeaChat widget in the lower right corner.

Important Note: if you want to configure the style of your widget, please go to “Channels” -> “WebChat Widget” -> “Basic Setting”. Your AI Agent will share the same style across your webchat widget channels.


Need assistance? Contact us at seachat@seasalt.ai.