This page details the process for embedding the SeaChat AI agent into your Wix website.

Step 1: Create a SeaChat account

If you do not have a SeaChat account, you can sign up for free at SeaChat website! Then you can build your AI agent and bring it to your Wix websites.

Step 2: Open Wix and “Design Site”

  1. Go to your Wix dashboard for the website of interest. Select the Design Site on the top right menu.
Go to your Wix dashboard and click on Design Site from top right menu.

Step 3: Open “Add Elements”

Next, select “Add Elements" in the sidebar menu.

Click on Add Elements on Wix

Step 4: Open “Embed Code” -> “Embed HTML”

Select “Embed Code” -> “Embed HTML” in the menu.

Select Embed Code and then Embed HTML.

Step 5: Copy SeaChat Code

You will have to be logged in on SeaChat to view this code snippet. Sign up for free at SeaChat. Access the required code snippet by navigating to Agent Configuration -> Channels within your workspace at the SeaChat dashboard, specifically under the Wix channel.

Paste the SeaChat code snippet from the Wix integration setup on Seachat into the code box. Remember to click “Update”.

Paste the SeaChat code snippet in the HEADER text box. Remember to click SAVE.

Step 6: Adjust Chat Widget Box Size

Use the sizing tool to adjust the chat widget to big enough size. In the example, I adjusted the size to be W: 700, H:600. After you adjust the widget size, drag the widget to the desired location, usually in the lower right hand corner.

Adjust chat widget size

Step 7: Anchor SeaChat Widget Position

Ensure the SeaChat widget is anchored in place (lower right hand corder) to avoid movement during page scrolling.

Select the widget. Right-click. Select “Pin to Screen”. Then this widget component will be anchored on the corner and floating.

Adjust chat widget size

You can adjust the margin/offset. We recommend 20 for both vertial and horizontal settings.

Adjust chat widget size

Step 8: Save and preview

Use “Preview” function on Wix to test the AI agent. Remember to launch the website again when you are ready!

Important Note: if you want to configure the style of your widget, please go to “Channels” -> “WebChat Widget” -> “Basic Setting”. Your AI Agent will share the same style across your webchat widget channels.

Preview SeaChat agent on website

Step 9: (Optional) Disconnect other chatbot

Please disconnect any other chatbot services to prevent confusion. If your previous chatbot service is embedded in code, remove it carefully from the “Code Injection” section.


Need assistance? Contact us at seachat@seaslt.ai.