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πŸŽ₯ Integrate SeaChat with Your LINE Official Account

Follow the video tutorial to install SeaChat on your LINE Official Account and start responding to customer messages!

Utilize SeaChat and LINE’s Auto-Response Messaging Functionality Together

You can use SeaChat as an AI assistant providing useful information, capable of understanding various questions and answering based on the knowledge base, while the LINE keyword auto-response function is mainly used to trigger actions and send media messages such as coupons, card messages, and videos. By combining the functionalities of SeaChat and LINE auto-response, you can effectively enhance user experience and strengthen interaction with customers.

Line Automatic ResponseSeaChat AI Assistant
Natural Language UnderstandingNoneYes
Data Setup/TrainingOne-time keyword setupSupports multiple file formats
Message TypesImages, Text, Videos, etc.AI Text Messages
Keyword SetupYesYes
Summary of Customer ConversationsNoYes
Switch to Human Customer ServiceNoYes
Suitable ScenariosFixed responses for brand/product related keyword-triggered basic responsesHighly contextual answers based on knowledge base, flexible and personalized responses, can be used for product recommendations, customer service, and collecting customer information, etc.

LINE Automatic Response v.s. SeaChat AI Assistant

Configuration Steps

  1. Choose “Manual chat + auto-response” for LINE responses setting.

Choose manual chat plus auto-response for LINE responses setting

Choose manual chat plus auto-response for LINE response setting

  1. To avoid duplicate responses, change LINE’s auto-response to keyword response by going to LINE Business > Auto-Response Messages > Click on Keyword Response.

Change LINE's auto-response to keyword response

Change LINE’s auto-response to keyword response

  1. Add the desired keywords to the keyword response and set up the messages, for example - the keyword for business hours could be: store hours, business hours, etc. And in the message setting, input: “We are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.”

Add keywords to keyword response

Add keywords to keyword response

  1. Open SeaChat and add a knowledge base document.

Add knowledge to SeaChat knowledge base

Add knowledge to SeaChat knowledge base

  1. Enter these keywords into the document title of SeaChat and provide additional explanations in the document text: You can write additional messages, such as appointment links, transferring to customer service, etc., and adjust the weight to 75.

Enter keyword response into SeaChat knowledge base

Enter keyword response into SeaChat knowledge base

  1. SeaChat AI Assistant will not repeat responses on LINE, and can help expand knowledge for your customers to improve their experience. LINE messages can be set as images, videos, and for more contexual responses, you can rely on SeaChat.

LINE text messages you can rely on SeaChat

Respond to Customers using SeaChat and LINE auto-responses

LINE’s AI Auto-Reply Function Will Be Discontinued Soon

LINE’s AI auto-response function will be discontinued in May 2024.

If you are still using the AI auto-response function, make sure to arrange alternative solutions soon.