Upload Documents


SeaChat provides several methods to upload files to your agent. We will focus on the Upload Documents method in this tutorial and by the end of the tutorial your SeaChat agent will have a customized knowledge base at your service.

Create a SeaChat Agent

If you don’t have a SeaChat account yet, you can sign up for free at SeaChat website! You can find all the information you need to create a knowledge-based AI agent in Create an Agent.

Open Knowledge Base

Find your agent’s knowledge base by navigating to the Knowledge Base dashboard under Agent Configuration in the sidebar menu. Choose Upload Documents and have the more than 20 types of documents ready to be uploaded to your agent.

Image of the Knowledge Base dashboard through the Agent Configuration in the sidebar menu to show how to upload a CSV or JSON file to an agent by selecting Upload from Template File.

Knowledge Base Dashboard

Types of Documents

SeaChat supports more than 20 types1 of documents that you can upload to your agent. In this Tutorial, we will show you how to upload a DOCX file to your agent.

🚨 Note 🚨

For picture files e.g. png, we only support English documents. For best result on audio files, we suggest you use audio/video upload instead.

Before Submission

You will see the status of each uploading file in the section below the drag-and-drop zone. Once you are sure with the uploaded files, you can upload them by clicking on the Submit button.

Interface of SeaChat showing the upload feature with a drag and drop zone and a section below for monitoring the status of each file being uploaded, reminding users to verify file format and content before submission. A success message indicates the uploaded has been successful

File Uploaded Successfully

Submit to Existing Knowledge Base

You will see a success message once the files are uploaded successfully. You have customized your AI agent with new knowledge. To view the files uploaded, you can navigate to the Existing section in the top-right corner of the page, where you can find the uploaded data waiting for you in the “Files” section.

Visual guide highlighting the 'Existing' section in the screen top-right showcasing the uploaded files in the 'Files' section.

Look for Files in Existing

Review your Knowledge Base

Click on the file you just uploaded to review the content. That’s all. You can now use the knowledge base to test your agent. SeaChat provides additional settings to customize your knowledge base, we will continue to explore these features in the next part of the tutorial.

Review the uploaded information in a dropdown view

Review Uploaded DOCX File


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  1. SeaChat supports .doc, .docx, .eml, .epub, .gif, .jpg, .json, .html, .mp3, .msg, .odt, .ogg, .pdf, .png, .pptx, .ps, .rtf, .tiff, .txt, .wav, .zip files. ↩︎