Build Email Lists with MailerLite

  • MailerLite Integration: Use MailerLite to gather emails and automate mailing lists for promotions and updates. SeaChat allows seamless integration with MailerLite to enhance your AI Webchat Agent.
  • Automatic Data Collection: Configure SeaChat Agents to prompt users for their email and other details during interactions, ensuring no lead is missed.
  • Lead Retention and Engagement: Keep all users informed and engaged by automatically adding them to your mailing lists after interaction with your agents.

In this tutorial, we will walk you through every step you need to connect your MailerLite with SeaChat Forms.

Step 1: Navigate to MailerLite setup

Screenshot illustrating how to access MailerLite integration on SeaChat

Navigate to MailerLite integration on SeaChat

With your workspace and agent selected, navigate to the “Agent Configuration” drop down on the left action bar and select “Plugins”. From the Plugins page you can select the MailerLite card to access the setup page.

Step 2: Collect emails using SeaChat Form and sync to MailerLite

On the Mailerlite setup page you will see two sections. The first section contains configuration settings for the form that will be sent to the user when starting a webchat conversation. The second section contains configuration settings for your specific MailerLite integration.

SeaChat Form

Screenshot illustrating how to configure form for MailerLite integration on SeaChat

Set up SeaChat Form for MailerLite integration

The form configuration section has your settings on the left, as well as a preview of your current form on the right. Lets go over each of the settings and how they affect the form:

  • Enable This Form: This switch enables and disables the form. When it is enabled, the form you configure will appear at the beginning of a new conversation with your SeaChat Agent. Keep in mind that you can only have one form attached to an agent at a time, so when you enable this, all other forms will disabled for the current agent. If you would like to use another form, this form must be disabled.

  • Allow users to skip form: When enabled this switch will allow users to skip your form by means of an X button that will appear in the top right of the form. When disabled, the X will not appear.

  • Form Name: This is the name that the form will be saved under.

  • Form Title: This is the Title that will appear at the top of the form when it appears to the user.

  • Form Design Fields: These fields will appear on your form and will be what users fill out to submit information. The Email Field is required to add users to your MailerLite mailing list and cannot be configured, but the other fields can be configured individually. Each of these field’s name can be changed by clicking on the field itself. To the right of each of these fields are two checkboxes for additional configuration. If “Required” is checked the field must be filled before the user can submit the form; this will be indicated by an asterisk(*) next to the name of the field. The “Enabled” checkbox determines whether or not the field will appear on the form at all. If “Enabled” is unchecked, the field will not appear to user when they recieve the form. All fields except for Email are enabled and not required by default.

MailerLite Setup

Next, there are two fields in the MailerLite integration settings card.

Screenshot illustrating how to set up API key and group ID for MailerLite integration on SeaChat

Set up MailerLite on SeaChat

The first is your API Key, which is what connects your form submissions to your MailerLite account. If you are unsure of how to find your MailerLite API Key you can follow this link for instructions: How to get MailerLite API Key. There is also a link at the bottom of this card.

NOTE: The API key field is required to save the integration

The second field, “Group ID” is optional. If you want users to be added to specific groups in your mailing list you can add their ids here (separated by comma if multiple).

Once you have completed configuring your forms, you can save your configurations by pressing the save button at the bottom of the page.

If you wish to remove your configurations, you can use the remove button at the top right of the page. This will clear out your settings for the MailerLite form in your workspace, filling the page again with the default values.

Step 3: Test your Form with MailerLite integration

Once you have configured and saved your MailerLite form settings, you probably want to test that everything is working. To do this, make sure your form is enabled and navigate to the “Agent Information” page from the Agent Configuration drop down on the left action bar.

Screenshot illustrating how to test SeaChat AI agent for MailerLite integration

Test SeaChat form with MailerLite integration

On this page you will see a large green button that says “Test AI Agent” on the bottom right. If you click this button it will open a chat conversation with your currently selected AI Agent.

Screenshot illustrating how to submit a form on SeaChat for MailerLite integration

How to submit the form on SeaChat, with MailerLite integration

If it is a new conversation, within a few seconds your MailerLite form that you configured in the last step will appear at the bottom of the chat window. From here you can fill out requested information and hit submit at the bottom of the form. (Note: If this is not your first time testing your AI Agent it is possible that it will open a previous conversation. You can open this page in a new incognito window to ensure you start a new conversation)

Screenshot illustrating how to check an email submission successfully lands on MailerLite

How to check for new email submissions on MailerLite

Once the form has been submitted you can head over to MailerLite. Once you log in you can go to the Subscribers page from the left action bar. Here, you should be able to see the email from the user that you have just submitted at the top of your subscriber list. If you dont see it right away, you can also search for it up with the grey search button at the top right of the page.

Screenshot illustrating how to check details of an email on MailerLite

How to check details for an email on MailerLite

You can click on the email to view details about the newly added subscriber such as any other information that might have been submitted with the form, as well as any groups that you included on the setup page.


Configuring your SeaChat web agent with a MailerLite integration is an efficient method to enhance your lead acquisition process. Every interaction with your AI agent presents a potential subscription to your MailerLite mailing list, guaranteeing a steady influx of new subscribers. By following the provided guidelines, you can quickly establish this integration and begin expanding your user base effectively.